Vacuum × Beheading Butt Sword
Nozomi&Saya VaccumBeheadingButtSword vs Kaoru
Kanji 真空×斬尻剣
Romaji Shinkū × Zanketsuken
Type Combination technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 137

Vacuum × Beheading Butt Sword (真空×斬尻剣, Shinkū × Zanketsuken) is a technique used in Keijo.


This is a combination technique performed by Nozomi Kaminashi and Saya Kogatana. Started by Nozomi, who accelerates herself. Saya then catches Nozomi in mid-air. The strength of Saya's "Beheading Butt Sword" is passed to Nozomi, and is combined with the power of "Vacuum Butt Cannon". Despite this, Saya can't fully control it, as seen when they first use this against Kaoru Oshiri. As a result, Saya accidentally lets Nozomi away as she losses her grip.


Known Users


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