• Misaki, Hikaru, Fuyuyu, Naki

    Let's not bring the Zeeback stuff here. In fact, I've suspected an axe will come when the first of the five great ass was about to lose. It's fairly nice seeing Naki's background involved to the race (Sayaka being the successor of her dead friend). Then, we've got to see the asstronaut that made an incredible entrance, but was defeated so fucking quickly? It was a great opportunity to explore more about Mio's background (the same goes for Hikaru). Why do we have a Saya Kogatana's Story Arc when there's no Mio's arc? Therefore, instead of participating in the same race as Fuyuyu Tsurugi, I assumed Misaki Rindou was supposed to be the main opponent of the other Elite Class members. Or one could say, the Ice Mistress would team up with the Snow White to fight her. Or... the senpai would take the role. What's even the point of wearing the Unlimited Pantsu when you had no chance to fight?

    Well, the pro world was confusing. The tournaments were held so randomly. When it comes to branches, seems like the author also didn't take it so seriously as he only mentions them in particular occasions. To think of it, Ikumi's branch has never been confirmed, even though her character profile has published in Volume 15. To think of it, Mio's branch has just confirmed in the final chapter. Many unknown branch players appear one after another.

    Now, got to talk about fodders. Instead of using the characters he created earlier, includes Suruga's graduates, players appeared in the several previous tournaments Venus Series, Kobe Special Port, the author didn't even bother to create new ones just to tell how strong a Goketsu is.

    Anyway, I myself, kinda, got tired of the show. Basically nothing new than butts smashing one another. The Tozai-sen was a pretty nnice storyline though. We know that Kaoru Oshiri is a descendant of an African tribe. Mio being a half-British. But there's no world wide competition with Mexicans serve as the final boss. No Prize Queen tournament. Never.

    TLDR: Showing the rivalry between their butts can't never be settled is just a fine ending.

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    • Well, and now there is the moment for people to let the idea of Keijo live. 

      Umm... do you appear on a Keijo fan discord sometimes? :)

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    • Heard that more extras will be in the volume releases.

      Mmmm discord? Do we have one?

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    • The highest number of Keijo fans I found here:

      I even tested Keijo The Board Game with some people there. :D

      On topic:

      I was also shocked with number of number of Keijos in Yuzuki's BGF. Probably they already sugested author, that this tournament will be the last one in manga. That's why he went straight to taking preivious characters. To show them at least one more time. If he would get more time, there surely would be a Mio arc etc.

      Tournaments happen randomly? I think it's more complicated. In my opinion it probably looks like this: there is fixed number of allowed tournaments in a period (6 months), with most ones scheduled in same time (but in faraway places) to avoid "point hunters" to fight day after day. 

      Also - why no world competition? In worst-case scenario, Keijo as a pro sport has about 11 years and is held only in Japan, due to "Japanese being Japanese". Thanks to "Japanese being Japanese" (with bullying, being anti-foreigner etc), we have no known foreigner in Keijo, and only Japanese-born players are competing. Situation looks similar to another japanese sport - sumo - where NSK (Japan Sumo Federation) limited the number of allowed foreigners by team (stable) to 1 wrestler.

      In best case there are international players, but not in proffesional Keijo. Due to problems with expansion of that unique sport (Feminazis highly opposing, because if it's rather fresh, then they may easily crush it), "amateur keijo" fights to survive in a brutal, western world.

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    • Never knew it before. Thanks for the invite, pal. I just dropped a one single comment there. Are the people there so nice?

      And the part about it being world-wide was a jowke.

      To avoid points hunters? Mmm, yeah, kinda make sense.

      Yeah, really unfortunate, that explains much why only Maya and Sanae from Suruga's graduate members that got the opportunity to participate. Otherwise, we could see the other girls taking part into the tournament, too.

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    • Well, I didn't saw any hate on the server, so I think they are nice.

      Just got back from Pyrkon and looks like I was somehow right about the ending. Author "was told even before the anime aired that he should finish the manga after the anime finished". So, as far as we know, he managed to make about 25-30 chapters after anime started?

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    • A FANDOM user
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