• Hello.

    I am working at something like "Keijo match database", trying to collect all known information about matches (along with the differences between manga and anime, some possible outcomes etc) in a simplier form. For now it's an Google Docs spreadsheet (available to view for anyone interested here

    And I am looking for a help in decyphering some data. Namely - scoreboards from Chapter 2, page 38 and Chapter 116, page 6. Due to my only basic understnading of Kanji, my tries are limited. Someone is willing to help? :)

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    • Great idea, so we can create a page named "List of Keijo Races", or such.

      Maybe you can put them somewhere else at this point, such as your "sandbox". So I can review them. Participants' names from Chapter 2 are unreadable, the same goes for Chapter 116 (Funabashi preliminary round), the characters are also too small. You can simply refer them to as "unnamed participants".

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    • Well, I managed to decypher both 3rd (Sakuragi, bot PROBABLY not Sumire) and 4th (Yamada) place in Chapter 2. 6th place is unknown, 5th place gives some problems.

      Chapter 116 has a weirder problem, because some characters are readable. Yoshinaga finished 3rd, Kogure 5th. Also, it shows that Yoshinaga's first name is Fuuko and Kogure's first name may be probably similar to HIsako (only first kanji too difficult to handle).

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    • Oh yeah, Yoshinaga's given name should be ふぅ子, and yeah the first kanji in Kogure's is fucking weird.

      Don't be confused. Just skip them, pal. I thought the author, or actually it might be his assistants who fill them (the remaining participants' names) by random. They are fodders after all.

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    • Well, I am not confused. Just trying to get all informations possible. :P

      By the way, I wasn't editing any Wikia for years. Where "Sandbox" has been moved? o.o

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    • Check out mine. You can create a new one in your own profile, too.

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    • Another decyphering. This time with anime. And struggling... 5 girls left without decyphering. And normal Amano left without a name...

      Screen from Episode 3. Namely, I managed to gather some more informations.

      Screenshot 3
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    • Pal, you are a very meticulous person. Yeah, it reveals that there were 10 races in total. I think there's some glitch though.

      Sorry, I'm still rather busy here. Feel free to publish that's so called beta version for list of races in your own sandbox. Proceed forward.

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    • I am stuck with deciding, how I should publish the races. Both possible options are already in my Sandbox. :P

      Well... um... I am watching anime since 2003, but Keijo is the first series which gave me some questions after that "kind of sport" after almost each episode/volume. Some of the questions were already weird and a little too difficult to answer for now ("How Setouchi was created anyway?", or "How often tournaments are held each season?"). I once managed to make a cost list for "amateur keijo basic land" and realized I am too poor to even think about building one for the case of tournaments on m&a conventions. There is too much risk to invest about 7500$ into creating one... :/

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