Ai attacks Kukuru with T HIPS
Kanji T-ヒップス
Romaji T-Hippusu
Type Butt technique
Range Self range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 111

T-Hips (T-ヒップス, T-Hippusu) is an enhanced technique of the "White Fang" used by Ai Fujisaki.


Rushing towards the opponent, Ai evolves her "Byakko" into a different creature. One of the biggest dinosaurs ever lived, the Tyrannosaurus, then begins to emerge from her butt. Assaulting her opponent with a great amount of strength, Ai pushes them backwards. However, Kukuru Kashiwaba is still able to survive after she took this attack.[1]


Known Users


  1. Chapter 112, pages 2-4
  2. Chapter 111, pages 17-18


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