Suzuho Kato's Visit
Suzuho asking Nozomi and Sayaka
Media Info
Volume(s) 15
Chapter(s) 143-145
Ikumi Yuzuki's Challenge Ikumi Yuzuki's Butt Graduation Festival

Suzuho Kato's Visit is an event occurred soon after Nozomi's trial match with Ikumi Yuzuki. The event involves Suzuho Kato, an S-Rank Keijo player and the leader of the West Butt Coalition, who is said to be the current strongest West player.


After her race with Ikumi Yuzuki, Nozomi is visited by Suzuho Kato, an S-Rank player who is said to be the strongest West player. Suzuho quickly invites both Nozomi and Sayaka to become her soeur. On the other hand, Sumire gets shocked upon hearing Suzuho's intention since Sumire has yet to officially become soeur with them.

Later, Suzuho and Nozomi agreed to do a trial match. As the match started, Nozomi tried to get of rid of her as quick as possible, releasing multiple attacks. However, Suzuho was able to dodge all of them. Nozomi then released the "Vacuum Butt Cannon Type 0". By using a technique named, "Butt Transmutation", Suzuho temporarily changed her butt's surface, causing Nozomi's attack misses by inches. She then effortlessly defeated Nozomi. Afterwards, Suzuho tries to shake Nozomi's hand, telling that she needed to learn a stronger technique.

Ever since her race with Nozomi, Suzuho began mentoring both Nozomi and Sayaka. On the other hand, Sumire stated that it will be better for Nozomi and Sayaka if they become Suzuho's apprentices, assuming that Suzuho is a better mentor than her. However, Ai drags Sumire to the Garden Worth to talk with Nozomi and Sayaka. But soon, the landlord informs that both of them have gone since Suzuho invited them to go to the training camp along with the West Butt Coalition.

When Sumire is about to give up, Ai questions her if she is okay for letting them away. Sumire cries and says that she wants to become their older sister. Later, after manages to find Nozomi and Sayaka, Sumire immediately asks if they want to become soeur with her, both replied that they would love to, much to Sumire's surprise. Sumire confuses since she thought that both of them took the offer given by Suzuho to become her apprentices. However, Nozomi and Sayaka inform that they refused it. Confused, Sumire asks them again since they are gone from the Garden Worth. Both inform that they would go to the training camp alongside Setouchi Keijo Training School's alumni, instead of Suzuho's.


Sumire officially becomes soeur with Nozomi and Sayaka, as they start addressing her as "Onee-sama".


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