Suction Exploding Butt Wave
Non's Kyuin Bakuketsu
Kanji 吸引爆尻波
Romaji Kyūin Bakuketsu-ha
Type Butt technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 170

Suction Exploding Butt Wave (吸引爆尻波, Kyūin Bakuketsu-ha) is a technique used by Non Toyoguchi.


By using her "Soft Butt", Non is always able to bounce her opponent away in an instant. However, she, in fact, is also able to hold from countering direct attacks for a certain period of time. While holding from blasting them away, Non's butt shape looks abstract as a result of being assaulted. By the time she decides to release all the attacks she had absorbed earlier, Non releases a massive amount of air pressure that blasts the opponent away.


Known Users


  1. Chapter 170, pages 11-18

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