Single Pie Pile Piper

Left Pie Pile Piper


Kanji 片パイ・パイル・パイパー
Romaji Kata Pai Pairu Paipā
Dub Left Perky Pile Piper
Type Chest technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 77
Anime Debut Episode 10

Single Pie Pile Piper (片パイ・パイル・パイパー, Kata Pai Pairu Paipā, Funimation "Left Perky Pile Piper") is a weaker version of the "Pie Pile Piper".


The technique is accidentaly performed by Sanae Hououin on the second match of the eleventh East-West War. Hououin only uses one of her boob drill, since she loses her grip when Non Toyoguchi kicks the Land to disrupt its balance. However, it is strong enough to rival Kazane Aoba's "Boob Dunk", as both bounced each other and sunk at the same time.


Known Users


  1. Chapter 77, pages 12-17


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