Shizuka Kimura

Kimura Anime


Biographical Info
Kanji 木村 静
Romaji Kimura Shizuka
Alias Room 307's Speed Star
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Student
Affiliation Setouchi Keijo Training School
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 44
Anime Debut Episode 3

Shizuka Kimura (木村 静, Kimura Shizuka) is a student at Setouchi Keijo Training School, and a resident of Room 307.


Kimura has brown eyes with thick eyebrows. She has long spiky brown hair. When training, she prefers the dark blue version of the school swimsuit.


Not much is known about her personality. She is rather careless and tends to underestimate her opponents. For instance, she mocks Kotone Fujisaki for turning her back to the opponents, prompting to take the opportunity to attack her.


Class Exchange Arc

Fujisaki defeats Kimura (Anime)

Fujisaki defeating Kimura.

Three months since the new academic year started, the teacher, Nagisa Ujibe opened a chance for regular students to get into the Elite Class, and thus she held a class exchange event. Kimura got her turn in group 2, along with Nozomi Kaminashi and Rei Mikawa, they face off against the fourth rank of the Elite Class, Kotone Fujisaki.[1] She warned Nozomi that they have the same goal to increase their grade, thus they must worked together. As the match started, she presumed that Kotone was off guard, since Kotone turned her back to them. She tried to attack her, but Kotone dodged and countered her. After her first attempt failed, she kept her distance. But soon, Kotone's Cerberus chased and assaulted her. She was defeated and the first to sink.[2]

Anime & Manga Differences

Episode 4

Episode 5

  • Kimura doesn't warn Nozomi that they have to work together.


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