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Shigeo Fujisaki
Biographical Info
Kanji Fujisaki Shigeo
Romaji 藤崎 茂夫
Gender Male
Relatives Reiko Fujisaki (Wife)
Kotone Fujisaki (Daughter)
Ai Fujisaki (Daughter)
Professional Info
Affiliation Fujisaki Family
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 113

Shigeo Fujisaki (藤崎 茂夫, Fujisaki Shigeo) is Reiko Fujisaki's husband, and the father of Kotone Fujisaki and Ai Fujisaki. He is known for being a Keijo fan from the very beginning. Additionally, he is the creator of the "Unlimited Panty", and the other strengthened swimsuits.


Shigeo is a middle-aged man with short black hair. He wears glasses and a bra attached on his shirt.




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