Scanning Hand


Scanning Hand

Kanji 知りつくす右手
Romaji Shiri Tsukusu Migite
Sukyaningu Hando
Type Supplementary
Range Self range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 39
Anime Debut Episode 2

Scanning Hand: The Right Hand Capable to Figure Out Anything (知りつくす右手 (スキャニングハンド), Shiri Tsukusu Migite Sukyaningu Hando) is a unique ability possessed by Kazane Aoba.


Kazane's right hand, the "Scanning Hand" being extremely sensitive, is able to detect subtle changes in the surrounding environment, allowing her to accurately predict incoming movement such as where an object in the air would land based on feeling the wind. Additionally, it can record and store the data of other people's butts in the "Hip of Babylon", gaining knowledge of their fighting style and techniques. This allows Kazane to have access to an enormous range of abilities and combat styles that would be normally impossible for one single person to possess.

In battle, "Scanning Hand" can be used to figure out the tendencies and fighting style of an opponent via direct contact. When used in conjunction with "Hip of Babylon", "Scanning Hand" can deduce the weaknesses of an opponent and utilize techniques specifically aimed to counter them. This makes "Scanning Hand" extremely useful when in combat against unknown opponents.

Known Users


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