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Sanae Kirieda
Biographical Info
Kanji 桐枝 早苗
Romaji Kirieda Sanae
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Keijo Player (Formerly)
Chief Guard
Rank S-Rank (Formerly)
Affiliation Kyoto Branch (Formerly)
Fujisaki Family
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 109

For a Keijo player with the same given name, see Sanae Hououin.

Sanae Kirieda (桐枝 早苗, Kirieda Sanae) is a woman working under Reiko Fujisaki. She is the chief guard that protects the Fujisaki Family's residence. She possesses one of the strengthened swimsuits called the "GX-999".

In fact, she was an S-Rank Keijo Player, who was affiliated with the Kyoto Branch. She was also the mentor of Kyoko Shirayuki.

Appearance Edit

Sanae Kirieda character profile

Sanae Kirieda's full appearance.

Kirieda is a tall woman in her 30's with long black hair. She wears what seemed to be a security costume with several attributes, includes armband, belt, rope, and black boots. She also wears an eyepatch that covers her left eye.

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