Road Land Anime

Road Land

Kanji ロード
Romaji Rōdo
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 22
Anime Debut Episode 1

Road (ロード, Rōdo) is one of the Land types used for Keijo matches.

Description Edit

"Road" is a large type arena. It is consisted of multiple wide platforms with numbers printed on them. These wide platforms are linked by multiple long roads. This Land consists of two zones, a wide area and a narrow area. The Outfighters have the advantage in the narrow area to corner the Infighters. This Land also resembles Snakes and Ladders. Since the platforms are linked to each other, participants tend to wait until someone else moves, thus if someone begins moving, it will affect the other platform. For instance, when someone moves away from one platform to another in order to block another participant.[1] This Land is used for the final test of the second exam held by Setouchi Keijo Training School.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 22, pages 4-5

Navigation Edit

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