Pie Pile Piper

Pie Pile Piper

BoobDrillMK2 Sanae Attacks Rindou

Kanji パイ・パイル・パイパー
Romaji Pai Pairu Paipā
Dub Perky Pile Piper
Type Chest technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 76
Anime Debut Episode 10

Pie Pile Piper (パイ・パイル・パイパー, Pai Pairu Paipā; Funimation "Perky Pile Piper") is a technique used in Keijo.


By twirling their boobs and use them like a drill, the user utilizes them in order to stab their opponent. The technique is strong enough to send their opponent flying a considerable distance away.



Known Users


  • In Japanese, "Pie" (パイ, Pai) is a homophone with "Boob" (胸, Pai). This technique can alternatively be called as "Boob Drill".


  1. Chapter 76, pages 10-13


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