Paradise Boob Wave
Yoshida Paradise Boob Wave (effect)
Kanji 極楽乳波
Romaji Gokuraku Nyūha
Type Chest technique
Range Short to Mid range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 150

Paradise Boob Wave (極楽乳波, Gokuraku Nyūha) is a technique used by Atsuko Yoshida.

Overview Edit

Yoshida, who is adept in using sutra, draws out a series of spells by shaking her boobs in various styles. After finishing the spells, a giant Buddha statue begins to emerge behind her. Shortly after, a floral scent then spreaded all over the Land, which drives her opponents into a relaxing state, conciliating them.

After she manages to distract her opponents, Yoshida will attack them with great force, blowing them away.

Known Users Edit

References Edit

  1. Chapter 150, pages 13-16

Navigation Edit

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