Original Vacuum Butt Cannon
Yuzuki defeats Miyata and Kogatana
Kanji 元祖・真空烈尻
Romaji Ganzo Shinkū Rekketsu
Type Butt technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 139

Original Vacuum Butt Cannon (元祖・真空烈尻, Ganzo Shinkū Rekketsu) is the original version of the "Vacuum Butt Cannon".

Overview Edit

The technique belongs to Ikumi Yuzuki. Unlike Nozomi, who needs to perform a series of acrobatics movement, as its creator, Yuzuki is able to easily release the "Vacuum Butt Cannon". By just spinning her hips with enough force, Yuzuki is able to launch a massive amount of shockwave, which shredding the swimsuits of her opponents. In addition, Yuzuki's wind cutter is also slighty different than Nozomi's, since she also utilizes the weight of her breasts to release the technique.[1]

Associations Edit

Known Users Edit

References Edit

  1. Chapter 140, pages 2-3
  2. Chapter 139, pages 16-18

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