Nozomi's First Race
Nozomi Sayaka's first match
Media Info
Volume(s) 1
Chapter(s) 1
← N/A First Exam

Nozomi's First Race is the first event that occurs in the series.


After declaring her intention to become a Keijo player, Nozomi is opposed by her friends. Thus, her teacher, Kobayashi brings her to the Keijo Stadium to watch Keijo matches directly. Kobayashi explains that becoming a Keijo player has a risk of injury, but Nozomi should be the one who decides her own career. Despite this, her neighbour, Taichi Omotenishi keeps opposing her from doing so. Thus, Kobayashi invites them to do a trial match. Taichi tries to get rid of Nozomi, but Nozomi is easily able to dodge her, Taichi falls onto the water, defeated. But soon, Nozomi noticed that a white-haired girl has been defeated all of the other participants, leaving Nozomi as her last opponent. Eventually, Nozomi is able to defeat the white-haired girl, who is revealed to be Sayaka Miyata, a former Judo star. Sayaka asks Nozomi's name, while Nozomi introduces herself.


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