Neith Butt Bolg
Kazane draws a pharaoh statue
Kanji 加護を得た尻の槍
Romaji Kago Oeta Shiri no Yari
Neito Ketsu Borugu
Type Butt technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 120

Neith Butt Bolg: Blessed Butt Spear (加護を得た尻の槍 (ネイト・ケツ・ボルグ), Kago Oeta Shiri no Yari Neito Ketsu Borugu) is a rare technique obtained by Kazane Aoba.


"Neith Butt Borg" is an ancient butt technique obtained by Kazane Aoba by scanning a pharaoh's butt. The technique can be accessed via her "Hip of Babylon". By firstly opening the "Hip of Babylon", Kazane draws out a pharaoh statue. Mimicking a pyramid, Kazane sharpens her butt. While her back turns to the opponent, Kazane releases her butt at high speed. She then targets the opponent's crotch, effectively striking them down. No matter how the opponent tries to dodge, it always targets their crotch. How the technique works is still a mystery, as scientists can't even explain this yet.

Known Users


  1. Chapter 119, pages 15-17


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