Maya Sakashiro

Nanase cares about Maya, as she decides to defend her when Setouchi picks a fight with them. On the final match of the eleventh East-West War, Nanase later cheers Maya up. In turn, Maya doesn't pay much attention to her, since Maya doesn't know about Nanase's ability, "Synaesthesia", until after Ayako explains it to Maya.

Saki Hanayama

Hanayama calls her "Nana", Hanayama cares about Nanase, since she is willing to protect Nanase from the opponents.

Midori Morimoto

She addresses her by her first name, Midori. The two seem to be roommates since Nanase knows that Midori keeps snoring while sleeping.

Setouchi Keijo Training School

Mio Kusakai

Nanase knows that Mio is a former swimmer and a gold medalist. Thus, if she defeats Mio, her popularity will increase. In turn, Mio doesn't take Nanase's statement seriously, since she decides to flirt with her instead. Mio also says that she wants to hear Nanase sing in bed.

Sayaka Miyata

Just like Kusakai, Nanase intends to defeat Sayaka, a former Judo star, in order to increase her popularity. Nanase assumes that Sayaka runs away from Judo, since she stops being a Judoka. Sayaka then declares that she didn't run away, since Keijo is the sport she loved.

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