Monza Bust
Rei Mizushima Monza Bust
Kanji 最速胸弾
Romaji Saisoku Mune-dan
Montsa Basuto
Type Chest technique
Range Short to Mid range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 136

Monza Bust: The Fastest Chest Bullet (最速胸弾 (モンツァ・バスト), Saisoku Mune-dan Montsa Basuto) is a technique used in Keijo.


The user gets to starting position, as if they prepare before running. They then tighten their swimsuit straps, before rushing towards the opponent. While moving at high speeds the user pushes their opponent with a considerable great force. As a former runner, Rei Mizushima is adept in using this technique.

Known Users


  1. Chapter 136, pages 1-4


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