Miyo Harada

Harada Anime


Biographical Info
Kanji 原田 みよ
Romaji Harada Miyo
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Keijo Player
Rank A-Rank
Affiliation Kyoto Branch
Fighting Style Outfighter
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 58

Miyo Harada (原田 みよ, Harada Mio) is an A-Rank Keijo player, affiliated with the Kansai's Kyoto Branch.


Harada has shoulder-length, light brown hair.


Not much is known about her personality. She seems to be cheerful, as seen when introducing herself.


Training Camp Arc

During the training camp, alongside Kyoko Shirayuki and Inoue, she was called to train Setouchi's Elite Class members, and was in charge of coaching the Outfighters.[1] She held a trial match, which later, both Sayaka Miyata and Rin Rokudo were defeated by her.[2]


Harada is an Outfighter. Being an active player, she is easily able to defeat student-level fighters, such as Rin Rokudo and Sayaka Miyata.

Anime & Manga Differences

Episode 8

  • She is present during the dinner party.

Races & Events


Events participated:


This includes official races, unofficial races, and trial matches:


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  2. Chapter 59, page 4


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