Mitsuki Kaminashi
Biographical Info
Kanji 神無 未月
Romaji Kaminashi Mitsuki
Gender Female
Relatives Nobuo Kaminashi (Husband)
Nozomi Kaminashi (Daughter)
Megumi Kaminashi (Daughter)
Takeru Kaminashi (Son)
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 86 (Photograph)
Chapter 128 (Flashback)

Mitsuki Kaminashi (神無 未月, Kaminashi Mitsuki) is the deceased mother of Nozomi Kaminashi, Megumi Kaminashi and Takeru Kaminashi, and Nobuo Kaminashi's wife.

Appearance Edit

Mitsuki is shown to have long black hair.

Personality Edit

Nothing is known about her personality.

Background Edit

Mitsuki telling Nozomi

Mitsuki telling her daughter.

At some point, she married Nobuo, and gave birth to Nozomi, Megumi, and Takeru. At some point, Mitsuki was hospitalized. When Nozomi was still a child, Mitsuki eventually passed away, while Nozomi helplessly cried. Right before her death, Mitsuki told Nozomi, as the eldest daughter, to take care of her siblings.[1]

Plot Edit

The East-West War Arc Edit

Kaminashi Family's Photograph

Mitsuki as seen in the photograph.

Right after Nozomi won the final battle and the eleventh East-West War, Nobuo held a photograph, featuring him and his family. Nobuo wondered if Mitsuki watched their daughter, telling that their daughter has grown into a great person.[1]

References Edit

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