Miho Ono
Oono Miho
Biographical Info
Kanji 大野 未歩
Romaji Ōno Miho
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Track & Field Athlete[1]
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 22
Anime Debut Episode 1

Miho Ono (大野 未歩, Ōno Miho) was one of the examinees who tried to enroll into Setouchi Keijo Training School.


She has long black hair, braided into pigtail, and several freckles on her face.


She is a leisurely person who tends to wait and make a convince decision, she is also rather playful by joking her opponents.


She is a player of Track & Field from Osaka.[1]


Second Exam Arc

Oono Miho and Miki Yume clash

Ono clashes with Yume.

Ono enrolled into Setouchi Keijo Training School and took the exams. She passed the first exam and continued to the second exam. On the third and final test of the second exam, the mock race, for the first race, she got her turn in group 1 along with Nozomi Kaminashi and 10 other examinees. When Nozomi engaged in a fight with Yume Miki, Nozomi was trapped by Miki to go to the narrow area and made her cornered. Nozomi was about to get back to the wide area, but Ono appeared behind her, causing her to block the way.[2]

Waiting their fight, she stood with no movements. When Nozomi managed to switch her position with Miki, Nozomi ran away to reach the wide area of the opposite side. While Miki tried to chase her, Ono eventually made her move, she also chased Miki. She clashed with her for a bit, Miki warned her to not get involved with this matter which replied by Ono that she would definitely make her out of the arena. However, they were eventually assaulted by Nozomi who launched a sudden attack by using her Butt Cannon, causing both of them sunk together.[3]

Races & Events


Events participated:


This includes official races, unofficial races, and trial matches:


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