Meteor Hip

Meteor Hip

MeteorHipMK2 Nozomi attacks Kosugi

Kanji 重力落下尻
Romaji Jūryoku Rakketsu
Meteo Hippu
Type Butt technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 63
Anime Debut Episode 8

Meteor Hip: Gravity Butt Drop (重力落下尻 (メテオ・ヒップ), Jūryoku Rakketsu Meteo Hippu) is a technique used in Keijo.

Overview Edit

This technique belongs to Nozomi Kaminashi, who mastered it during the training camp. Nozomi first uses this technique when she fights Usagi Tsukishita. Nozomi firstly swings her butt to her opponent's face. They later think that Nozomi is going to pull her butt back. However, Nozomi stops her butt for a few seconds, before striking them down. Fully utilizing the weight of her butt. On the other hand, her opponent, who is unable to bear her butt's weight, will absolutely fall down.

However, it has been shown that those who possess immense durability, such as Sanae Hououin and Kaya Sakashiro, manage to restrain theirself from falling down. Rio Kosugi is even able to survive a couple times. By using her "Scanning Hand", Kazane Aoba, who has touched Nozomi's body, is later able to access this technique via her "Hip of Babylon".

Known Users Edit

References Edit

  1. Chapter 63, pages 14-17
  2. Chapter 75, pages 14-16

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