Ayako Sakashiro

Ayako is Maya's adoptive mother. They first met at the orphanage where Maya once lived on. Upon seeing Maya's potential, Ayako decides to adopt her. In turn, Maya always wants to return the favor to Ayako. Right after her defeat at the hands of Nozomi Kaminashi, Maya feels really sorry. However, Ayako immediately cheers her up, which causing Maya realized that Ayako treats her like her own daughter. In fact, Maya is shy when referring Ayako as her mother in public. As such, she refers Ayako as her "coach" instead.


Nami Nanase

Nanase cares about Maya, as she decides to defend her when Setouchi picks a fight with them. On the final match of the eleventh East-West War, Nanase later cheers Maya up. In turn, Maya doesn't pay much attention to her, since Maya doesn't know about Nanase's ability, "Synaesthesia", until after Ayako explains it to Maya.

Hikari Muromachi

Hikari refers to Maya as "princess" (姫様, Hime-sama). Hikari does care for Maya.

Sanae Hououin

Sanae cares about Maya. She wishes that Maya will have a nice match with her opponent. On the final match, Sanae cheers Maya up.

Saki Hanayama

Hanayama is willing to defend Maya when Setouchi picks a fight with them.

Ayase Kurogiri

Kurogiri awares that Maya doesn't pay much attention to others.

Setouchi Keijo Training School

Nozomi Kaminashi

Nozomi and Maya share the same nickname for being called as the "Ribbon Girl". Maya stops Nozomi when she tries to approach her mother, Ayako Sakashiro for mocking Setouchi's faculty. Thus, Nozomi and Maya start to share a rivalry. Nozomi fights Maya on the final battle of the eleventh East-West War, and ultimately manages to defeat her. Right after the end of the East-West War, Maya helps Nozomi in order to rehabilitate her breasts. Initially, Nozomi is confused on why Maya tries to help her. As such, she presumes that Maya feels responsible. Nozomi then asks Maya to have a rematch, which Maya agrees while telling that she will not lose again.

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