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Mami Kiriwatari
Biographical Info
Kanji 切渡 マミ
Romaji Kiriwatari Mami
Alias Hip the Reaper Mami
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Keijo Player
Rank A-Rank
Affiliation Tokyo Branch
Under Hips
Fighting Style Outfighter
Main Ability Sonic Cheech
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 146

Mami Kiriwatari (切渡 マミ, Kiriwatari Mami), also known as Hip the Reaper Mami (ヒップ・ザ・リーパー, Hippu za Rīpā Mami), is an A-Rank Keijo player from the Tokyo Branch. She is also a member of the Under Hips.


Mami is a slim, very tall woman, standing taller than Ai Fujisaki in height.


It's rumored that she resembles to Meiko Ginya for having a bad attitude. As an East player, Mami likes intimidating players from the West, in her case, especially, the Elite Class and the Fujisaki Family. The other players also know that Mami is perverted, going as far to share her opinion about her opponent's butt.


Mami was a former table tennis player. Due to her injuries, however, she decided to retire. After her recovery, Mami was recruited by Misaki Rindou to become a Keijo player. At some point, Mami joined Kukuru Kashiwaba's gang, the Under Hips.


Butt Graduation Festival Arc


Sonic Cheech (ソニック・チーチ, Sonikku Chīchi):

Races & Events


Events participated:


This includes official races, unofficial races, and trial matches:




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