Land Class Training
Land Class Anime
Media Info
Volume(s) 5
Chapter(s) 41
Episode(s) 2
Hip Toss Training UTM Training

A Land Class is one of the training routines held in Setouchi.


Almost everyday, the Elite Class members get the opportunity to participate in the Land Class training. However, students from the regular class are rare to participate in the said training. As a result, they are dragged into the physical training instead. Fortunately, the regular class finally gets their turn. In this training, Hitomi Hokuto explains that they will be grouped in four, based on their rooms, and they have to fight against one instructor. This training is an evalution for teachers to classify the fighting styles of their students.

Land Class Race

Room Participants Instructor Land Used Result
Unknown Momo Horiuchi Hitomi Hokuto Basic Hokuto easily defeats Horiuchi.
Room 309 *Nozomi Kaminashi
*Sayaka Miyata
*Kazane Aoba
*Non Toyoguchi
Nagisa Ujibe Basic Undecided, the match stopped since Nozomi accidentally uses the "Vacuum Butt Cannon", causing the swimsuits of her roommates torn apart.


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