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Kaminashi Nozomi (17) is an exceptional gymnast. So much so that colleges with some of the best gymnastic programs are trying to recruit her. Unfortunately for them, she has other plans. Due to her family being extremely poor, money is everything to her. That's why she wants to step into the world of "Keijo." "Keijo" is a type of gambling sport where girls stand on a small floating platform and compete against one another. The aim is to push the other contestant off of the platform into the water, but they are only allowed to use their butt or breasts to push the others off. Will Nozomi be able to compete in the intense world of "Keijo" and bring wealth and fortune for her family?

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Fuyuyu Tsurugi

Fuyuyu Tsurugi (剣 ふゆゆ, Tsurugi Fuyuyu), also known as the Queen of the Divine Butt (聖尻の女王, Hijiriketsu no Joō), is a Keijo player and one of the Five Butts (五尻の1人, Goketsu no Hitori). Additionally, Fuyuyu is the current Prize Queen, as well as the current strongest Keijo player in Japan.

Main article: Fuyuyu Tsurugi


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Volume 15

Volume 15
Released March 17, 2017
ISBN 978-4091275066


Volume 5
Released March 29, 2017

Featured Media
【惡搞】無限之尻之劍製 Fate keijo03:37

【惡搞】無限之尻之劍製 Fate keijo

Unlimited Butt Works.

Featured Technique
Butt Missile Type 5

Butt Missile Type 5 Kancho MISSILE

A technique with a enough force to send the opponent flying a few meters away.

Featured Land
Flight Land Anime


The Land is consisted of two air planes which are put side by side on the center of the pool.

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