Kazane has an older sister. When she is still unable to get along with her roommates, Kazane tends to contact her. In turn, her sister advises her that she does not have to act shy. Kazane eventually realizes what her sister said as she finally able to get along with her roommates.


Non Toyoguchi

Both are Room 309's residences. When they are partnered, Non is bothered since Kazane doesn't speak much. Despite this, the two are on good terms, as they later claim to be best friends when fighting together against Sanae Hououin.

Sayaka Miyata

Both are Room 309's residences. The two are on good terms. Kazane tends to observe Sayaka, as she knows that Sayaka practices continously in order to beat Rin Rokudo.

Mio Kusakai

Kusakai first meets Kazane on the day of the entrance ceremony. Kusakai approached and tried to talk with her. However, Kazane ran away, thus Kusakai stated that she loved her shyness.

Suruga Keijo Training School

Sanae Hououin

Sanae is Kazane's opponent on the second match of the eleventh East-West War. Initially, Sanae underestimates Kazane. However, as Kazane demonstrates her abilities, Sanae begins praising her.

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