Jun Hinoshita
Biographical Info
Kanji 日ノ下 潤
Romaji Hinoshita Jun
Gender Female
Professional Info
Affiliation Top 10 (Formerly)
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 21

Jun Hinoshita (日ノ下 潤 , Hinoshita Jun) was one of the examinees who tried to enroll into Setouchi Keijo Training School.


Hinoshita has spiky white hair. She wears a short sleeved hoodie.


Nothing is known about her personality.


Second Exam Arc

Hinoshita enrolled into Setouchi Keijo Training School and took the exams. She passed the first exam and continued to the second exam. She was temporary ranked at the 5th place for the exam result.[1] Following the end of exam, her fate remained unknown, whether she failed or accepted into Setouchi, since Amano took the 5th rank for the final exam result and she didn't get into the Elite Class either.

Races & Events


Events participated:


  1. Chapter 21, page 9


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