Hip of Babylon

Hip of Babylon Anime

Kazane using Hip of Babylon

Kanji 尻の財宝
Romaji Shiri no Zaihō
Hippu Obu Babiron
Dub Gate of Bootylon
Type Special ability
Range All ranges
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 75
Anime Debut Episode 10
Hip of Babylon: Butt Treasure (尻の財宝 (ヒップ・オブ・バビロン), Shiri no Zaihō Hippu Obu Babiron; Funimation "Gate of Bootylon") is a special ability achieved by Kazane Aoba by fully utilizing her "Scanning Hand".


During the training camp Miku Kobayakawa helps Kazane in order to fully master her "Scanning Hand". Thus, Kazane is now capable of accessing various techniques. Through the butts she touches, she can use other people's techniques and make them her own, regardless of the type of techniques. As such, she can also use In-Fighting and Counter styles. In addition, Kazane is also capable of copying chest attacks. "Meteor Hip" is the first technique Kazane copied, it is demonstrated when she attacks Sanae Hououin.

Accessed Techniques

Below is a list of techniques can be accessed via the "Hip of Babylon".

Known Users



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