Hip Toss Training
Hip Toss Training Anime
Media Info
Volume(s) 5
Chapter(s) 38-40
Episode(s) 2
Second Exam Land Class Training

The Hip Toss Training is a training routine held by Hitomi Hokuto. This event occurs after Nozomi and Sayaka are accepted into Setouchi.


The Hip Toss is a training method taught by Hitomi Hokuto. Eight days after the new academic year started, Hokuto takes her pupils to the beach-side for a new training. This training is known as the "Hip Toss", which involves a team of four rallying a volleyball using only their butts without dropping it. Sounds simple at first, but strong winds blow around the shore, making it difficult for Room 309 to tell where the ball will land. Moreover, thier coordination and teamwork is poor, causing them to bump into each other. A lot. After the dismal showing, Sayaka theorizes that this exercise is about teamwork, and whether or not the four of them can work well together after only a week's worth of time spent. One of the biggest issues is Kazane Aoba's shyness, as she barely (or never) talks with any of them. Attempts are made to foster communication and a way to pass the training, but none of them work.

The next day, Hokuto promises to treat the room with the highest score to the best gelato shop in Awaji. Later, by gazing at Kazane's ponytail, Nozomi Kaminashi is able to figure out where the landing spot of the ball will be, which causing Kazane surprised. When they almost reach the highest score, Nozomi intentionally tells the wrong landing spot to Non, prompting Kazane to tell where the correct landing spot is. As Kazane manages to overcome her shyness, Room 309 manages to attain the highest rank, thus Hokuto rewards them gelatos.


Room Participants Score
Room 104 35
Room 309 36

Anime & Manga Differences

Room 309 gets punished on the first day of the Hip Toss training for obtaining the lowest score, in the manga there is no punishment.


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