Midori Morimoto

Midori and Hikari are partners. They are on the same group in the final match of the eleventh East-West War. When Hikari is caught off guard, Midori is willing to protect her. Apparently the two can perform a combination technique, called the "Hipp Train".

Maya Sakashiro

Hikari refers to Maya as "princess" (姫様, Hime-sama). Hikari does care for Maya.

Setouchi Keijo Training School

Nozomi Kaminashi

Hikari warns Nozomi right before the final match of the eleventh East-West War. Despite this, Hikari is later able to get along with her. Hikari is willing to congratulate her. Moreover, Hikari states that she is interested with Setouchi's training method.

Rin Rokudo

Hikari faces off against Rin during the final match of the East-West War. Rin calls her as the Masked Pervert (変態マスク, Hentai Masuku). After the timeskip, Rin calls her as the Masked Busty (おっぱいマスク, Oppai Masuku).

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