Heat Butt


Higuchi's Butt Heating

Kanji 熱尻
Romaji Nekketsu
Dub Hot Butt
Type Butt technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 74
Anime Debut Episode 10

Heat Butt (熱尻, Nekketsu; Funimation "Hot Butt") is Kei Higuchi's butt technique.

Overview Edit


Higuchi attacking with a flaming tail

By scrubbing her butt onto her opponent's, Higuchi is able to create a burning sensation when she attacks the opponents. Furthermore, her attack leaves a burn mark where she hits them. In addition, her butt aura takes the form of a fox, surrounded in flames, a reference to Kitsune.

After the initial igniting of her own butt, Higuchi is able to keep the flames in the shape of a fox tail. This allows subsequent empowered melee attacks to have extended range.

Known Users Edit

References Edit

  1. Chapter 74, page 11-12

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