Biographical Info
Kanji 林田
Romaji Hayashida
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Judoka
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 19 (Flashback)

Hayashida (林田, Hayashida) is a Judoka.


Hayashida is a young girl, she has long hair braided into pigtail, and a pin hair to part her right bangs


Not much is known about her personality, she used to be a cherfull person. However, she suffered mental problem after blamed by the media.


Hayashida was Sayaka Miyata's opponent in the final match of Judo Olympics qualification. Sayaka let her to win on purpose.[1] Right after Sayaka's defeat, Hayashida asked her why she let her to win, Sayaka explained and revealed her true dream was to become a Keijo player and in fact she didn't interest with Judo anymore. When Sayaka hesitated with her decision, Hayashida encouraged her and said that she must chase her dreams. Hayashida also stated that she'd like to become the best Judoka in the world on her behalf.[2] However, she lost her first match in the Olympics, the media attacked and blamed her. As a result, her mental broke down.[3]


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