Hair Guardian
Fuyuyu Tsurugi HairPlugs
Kanji 横髪耳栓
Romaji Heā Gādian
Type Suplementary
Range Self range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 169

Hair Guardian: Ear-Hair Plugs (横髪耳栓 (ヘアー・ガーディアン), Heā Gādian) is a technique used by Fuyuyu Tsurugi.

Overview Edit

Utilizing her bangs which are considerably long, Fuyuyu simply puts them onto her ears. It is used by Fuyuyu in order to nullify the effect of Kaya Sakashiro's "Deadly Boob Burst", a technique that produces high-frequency sound waves, preventing herself from losing her balance.

Known Users Edit

References Edit

  1. Chapter 169, pages 7-8

Navigation Edit

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