Gulf Coast Cup
Media Info
Volume(s) 12-13
Chapter(s) 114-121
Unlimited Panty Confrontation Nishinomiya Final Cup

The Gulf Coast Cup (湾岸カップ, Wangan Kappu) is a Keijo tournament held at the Funabashi Keijo Stadium.


Returning from the Butt Island, Nozomi learns that her challenge to Fuyuyu Tsurugi is reported in news, but it's only featured in a very small corner. Sumire tells Nozomi that a top player won't take a statement from a rookie like her so seriously, advising Nozomi to get a promotion. Nozomi then learns that she needs 200 points to advance to the A-Rank. Meanwhile, Sayaka, Ai and Sumire have been confrimed to be able to get their promotion. On the other hand, Nozomi defeats various opponents, but her points are still not enough.

Later, Nozomi gets advised by her fellow Hyougo Branch players to participate in the "Gulf Coast Cup", a tournament held in Funabashi to obtain more points. Although Nozomi experiences trouble as the East players gang up on her, she is able to advance to the finals. There, Nozomi is assisted by her former roommate, Kazane Aoba. Fortunately Nozomi ultimately manages to defeat Rio Kosugi, the most veteran player of the Funabashi Branch, winning the competition.


Preliminary Round

Participants Land Used Result
  1. Yoshinaga
  2. Kogure
  3. Unnamed participant
  4. Unnamed participant
  5. Nozomi Kaminashi
  6. Unnamed participant
Unnamed Land
  • Nozomi defeating all the other participants, advancing to the next round


Participants Land Used Result
  1. Unnamed participant
  2. Unnamed participant
  3. Unnamed participant
  4. Nozomi Kaminashi
  5. Unnamed participant
  6. Doi
Unnamed Land
  • Nozomi defeating all the other participants, advancing to the next round


Participants Land Used Result
  1. Rio Kosugi
  2. Aota
  3. Nozomi Kaminashi
  4. Kigawa
  5. Mitsuko Hoshi
  6. Kazane Aoba
Hot Smoker
  • Rio, Aota, Kigawa and Hoshi start to gang up on Nozomi
  • Kazane comes to help Nozomi
  • Aota defeated by Nozomi and Kazane, finished in sixth place
  • Hoshi defeated by Nozomi, finished in fifth place
  • Kigawa defeated by Kazane, finished in fourth place
  • Kazane defeated by Rio, finished in third place
  • Nozomi defeating Rio, winning the competition


Accepting her defeat, Rio invites Nozomi to comeback to Funabashi someday. Claiming that, until that time, Rio will do something with her weakness.


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