Gravity Ass
Hikaru uses Gravity Ass
Kanji 尻と重力の繋がり
Romaji Shiri to Jūryoku no Tsunagari
Gurabitī Asu
Type Special ability
Range Self range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 162

Gravity Ass: The Connection Between Butt and Gravity (尻と重力の繋がり (グラビティー・アス), Shiri to Jūryoku no Tsunagari Gurabitī Asu) is a special ability possessed by Hikaru Hoshide.


Hikaru's butt is known as the "Gravity Ass". Hikaru has the heaviest butt in Japan. As such, she can tilt the Land by just putting her butt downwards, disrupting the balance. She is able to tilt up to a 50 ton platform.

After manages to tilt the Land downwards, Hikaru rushes towards her opponent, and attacks them with a great force. By doing so, she is able to break her opponent's defenses and send them flying. Additionally, she is also able to break the Land down, splitting it in half.[1]

Known Users


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