Gigantic Pie Pile Piper
Rio using Gigantic Pie Pile Piper
Kanji ギガンティック・パイ・パイル・パイパー
Romaji Gigantikku Pai Pairu Paipā
Type Chest technique
Range Short to Mid range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 121

Gigantic Pie Pile Piper (ギガンティック・パイ・パイル・パイパー, Gigantikku Pai Pairu Paipā) is a technique used in Keijo.


This is the advanced version of "Pie Pile Piper" and one of Rio Kosugi's signature skills. By using her large and long breasts, Rio twirls them up, which later takes the form of a drill. She then uses them to stab the opponents. The damage increases threefold or more compared to the "Pie Pile Piper".


Known Users


  • In Japanese, "Pie" (パイ, Pai) is a homophone with "Boob" (胸, Pai). This technique can alternatively be called as "Gigantic Boob Drill".


  1. Chapter 121, pages 8-10


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