Chapter 89
Chapter 89
Kanji 風感じ・・・・!!!!
Romaji Kaze Kanji....!!!!
Volume 10
Arc Rehabilitation Arc
Chapter 88 Chapter 90

HIP 89: FEEL THE WIND....!!!! (風感じ・・・・!!!!, Kaze Kanji....!!!!) is the eighty-ninth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


The next day, Nozomi followed the schedule that was given by the doctor. However, Nozomi kept wondering why did Maya helped her, assuming that Maya felt responsible. The next day, Maya accompanied Nozomi again, while Nozomi told Maya to have a rematch. Smilling, Maya agreed and told that she would not lose again. Day by day, Nozomi kept following the schedule, until after she managed to make her nipples stand up again. Nozomi thanked Maya for helping her rehabilitation.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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