Chapter 80
Chapter 80
Kanji 奇術!!!!
Romaji Kijutsu!!!!
Volume 9
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 79 Chapter 81

HIP 80: MAGIC!!!! (奇術!!!!, Kijutsu!!!!) is the eightieth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


By using her magic trick, Hikari, teamed up with Midori, managed to corner Rin and Hanabi. But soon, Hanabi figured out that Hikari was just reflecting the sunlight to blind her opponents. Despite this, Rin and Hanabi were still cornered. Rin asked Hanabi to handle Midori, while she tried to defeat Hikari. While running so fast, Rin took off her swimsuit and threw it away in order to block the sunlight. As such, Hikari was unable to dazzle her within a few seconds. Rin approached her, perpetually assaulting her.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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