Chapter 59
Chapter 59
Kanji 最大の欠点!!!!
Romaji Saidai no Ketten!!!!
Volume 7
Arc Training Camp Arc
Chapter 58 Chapter 60

HIP 59: THE BIGGEST WEAKNESS!!!! (最大の欠点!!!!, Saidai no Ketten!!!!) is the fifty-ninth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Later that night, Nozomi suddenly stripped herself naked in front of Sayaka, while asking was there anything wrong with her body. Screamed, Sayaka kicked her out of the room. After hearing the explaination from Nozomi, Sayaka then conceived and advised Nozomi to observe Shirayuki to know what her weakness was. The next day, the Infighters were training at the Kumogawa river. Nozomi then observed Shirayuki, who was diverting the debris coming from stream. Nozomi finally realized that her big weakness was her butt.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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