Chapter 105
Chapter 105
Kanji 勝負の瞬間!!!!
Romaji Shōbu no Shunkan!!!!
Volume 11
Arc Soeur Arc
Chapter 104 Chapter 106

HIP 105: THE GAME'S MOMENT!!!! (勝負の瞬間!!!!, Shōbu no Shunkan!!!!) is the one hundred fifth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Sumire ambushed Meiko, catching her swimsuit by using her boobs, before trying to throw her away. However, Meiko was able to escape. By using her vibrating butt, Meiko shredded Sumire's swimsuit. Meiko remarked how pity Sumire was, which replied by Sumire that Meiko was the foolish one. Angered, Meiko decided to finish off Sumire, before lunged at her, releasing her "Super Tremor Exploding Butt". However, in mid-air, Sumire catched Meiko's right boob by using her butt, before switching their positions.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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