Kanji ケルベロス
Romaji Keruberosu
Type Special ability
Range Self range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 49
Anime Debut Episode 5

Cerberus (ケルベロス, Keruberosu) is a special ability possessed by Kotone Fujisaki.


Kotone's butt is "Cerberus", nicknamed "Cer-chan" ("Cerby" in the Funimation dub). When demonstrating her power, Kotone's butt is covered by a dog-like creature with purple aura. When she manifests its true form, her butt turns into a three-headed dog, which is the real Cerberus. While the other players use their butts to sink their opponents, Kotone's butt sinks the opponents by itself. Nami Nanase notes that it is indeed that Kotone's butt is almost moving by itself. Cerberus is shown to be able to use various skills. The first skill is chasing; Cerberus can chase down the opponents. Even if they dodge it, Cerberus can change the direction, completely hitting them. The second skill is autopilot; Cerberus has also incredible agility to predict the opponents' movement. Cerberus surprisingly is able to move automatically. As if she has an auto mode with no blind spot. The third and last skill is biting; which is the main ability of Cerberus, allowing Kotone to bite the opponents, catching them by her butt/swimsuit. Kotone usually uses this to throw her opponents out of the Land.

Despite this, Kotone's actual ability, in fact, is that she possesses a special sensitivity towards the vibration. She is moving based on the Land's vibration, capable of reading and predicting her opponent's movement through the Land without even looking at her opponents. Nozomi Kaminashi was the first who figured it out. Since her lower half is very sensitive, her weakness is the vibration itself. Thus she is unable to take any attacks with a vibrating sensation.


Known Users


  1. Chapter 49, pages 3-15


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