Butt Smell
Kaoru Oshiri ButtSmell
Kanji 尻香
Romaji Shiri Ka
Type Special ability
Range Various
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 134

Butt Smell (尻香, Shiri Ka) is a unique ability possessed by Kaoru Oshiri.


As a member of an Africa tribe, Kaoru possesses secret herbs used when hunting. By slapping her butt over and over again, Kaoru spreads her butt smell. Those who inhale it will begin hallucinating, fall under the illusion. Differently from the other illusion, Kaoru she can also throw her opponent into a different universe. For instance, Nozomi, who found herself piloting a mecha. Its weakness is that Kaoru's butt smell can trigger an explosion. As seen when Saya scrubs her swimsuit onto Nozomi's. While they succeeded in creating a small electricity, Kaoru's butt smell triggers a massive explosion.


Known Users


  1. Chapter 134, pages 6-9


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