Butt Flash
Kanji 瞬尻
Romaji Shunketsu
Type Butt technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 63
Anime Debut Episode 7

Butt Flash (瞬尻, Shunketsu) is a technique used in Keijo.


Fundamentally, this technique is a single rapid strike of the user's butt. It is described as a compact move with a sharp edge, "taking the butt to the absolute limit". When used properly, it allows Infighters to keep up with agile Outfighters, nullifying their speed advantage. It was taught to Nozomi Kaminashi by Kyoko Shirayuki in order to improve her speed after gaining muscle and weight.


Nozomi pulling turnips

While learning this technique, Nozomi was instructed to pull out large turnips from the ground using only her butt with a rope tied around her waist. Practicing this allows students to learn the recoiling effect needed to cleanly pull out turnips without damaging them. Loosening up the tension within the muscles, then raising the body upwards and using that momentum for a powerful directional shift is the central idea behind using the technique. Nozomi eventually went on to not only master the Butt Flash, but also created a new technique from it: the "Meteor Hip".

Known Users


  1. Chapter 63, pages 1-2


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