Boob Soul
Boob Soul
Kanji 乳秘孔
Romaji Chichi Hikō
Type Special ability
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 84
Anime Debut Episode 12

Boob Pressure Points: Boob Soul (乳秘孔 乳魂, Chichi Hikō Nyūkon) is a healing skill possessed by Hanabi Kawai.


This technique is a part of Hanabi Kawai's specialty. By firstly massaging her own boobs, Hanabi then presses her nipples into the body of her teammate, thus Hanabi is able to recover them. On the final match of the East-West War, Hanabi uses this on Nozomi, refreshing Nozomi into her best condition. As such, Nozomi is later able to use 100% of her strength.

Known Users


  1. Chapter 84, page 13-17


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