1.6 Kilo Breast Napalm


Non assaults Hououin

Kanji 1.6キロ乳ナパーム
Romaji 1.6-Kiro Chichi Napāmu
Dub 1.6 Kilo Boob Napalm
Type Chest technique
Range Short-range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 76
Anime Debut Episode 10

1.6 Kilo Breast Napalm (1.6キロ乳ナパーム, 1.6-Kiro Chichi Napāmu; Funimation "1.6 Kilo Boob Napalm") is a technique used in Keijo.

Overview Edit

This technique belongs to Non Toyoguchi. Non jumps over her opponent, before dropping her bust down on to them. She uses this in order to rescue Kazane Aoba from Sanae Hououin on the second match of the East-West War.

Known Users Edit

References Edit

  1. Chapter 76, pages 14-15

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